Call Me By Your Name by André Aciman

Elio is a 17-year old son of a professor, wise beyond his years, and just starting to figure himself out. Oliver is the 24-year old graduate student who is staying with the family for the summer to work on his manuscript. The two form a bond that eventually moves past friendship, and readers get an inside look into the journey Elio must go through to accept who he is.

Let’s Talk About Endometriosis

One month ago, I had laparoscopic excision surgery of my endometriosis. This procedure was to treat symptoms I have had since I was 13. Although the word “endometriosis” was first mentioned to me during a conversation with my gynecologist when I was 15, I was discouraged from seeking treatment.

Reddish Knob

Eventually, the sun started to peak out, and we got to see a really beautiful sunrise. I think all three of us got a little emotional because it was one week before we graduated & something seemed super sentimental about this sunrise in particular.

My Must-Haves for Research

I am in the beginning stages of writing my thesis, which means I am knee-deep in pages and pages of journal articles. Knowing what tools work for you in order to keep your research & paper writing organized is so important in order to be a successful student.

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han

Lara Jean is in the middle of her family of three girls. Her mother died years ago, and her father is an OBGYN who tries his best to always be there for his daughters. As the oldest daughter, Margot, prepares to go to college all the way at St. Andrews in Scotland, the family braces themselves for a major shift in dynamics.

On Top of the World: Machu Picchu

Honestly, for this post, I am probably going to have more pictures than words because I don’t think anything I could say would do it justice.

Laguna Pomacanchi: Acomayo, Peru

We stayed in a community center directly on the side of la Laguna Pomacanchi, which is a beautiful lake in this region. We were only there for about 1.5 days, but had a busy schedule of clinic visits, birth demonstrations, community dinners, and cultural exchanges.

Cusco, Peru

In Cusco, we visited a few different clinics and schools throughout the city, experienced traditional meals, and learned more about Peruvian history.