How to Make the Most Out of Supervision

A pinnacle part of all social work education is the use of supervision. Like other clinical professions, supervision is used to debrief with an experienced professional in order to reflect & learn.

Gender Bias & Pain Dismissal

On average, 50% of women see five medical professionals before achieving a diagnosis and/or referral. Women with endometriosis are often referred to as “silent sufferers” — but are they suffering silently or are medical professionals just not listening?

My Sister’s Keeper by Jodie Picoult

My Sister’s Keeper has been made into a popular movie, which I have seen, but many people do not know that it was originally a rather large novel. It has been on my reading list for a long time since I am always looking for more YA books that accurately feature cancer patients (a.k.a NOT A Fault in Our Stars).

Labor Day Boat Trip

Along with about 15 other people, we rented a boat to spend nearly 7 hours on a boat, traveling through Lake Union and Juanita Bay.

Kayaking in Union Bay

It’s hard to live in Seattle and not enjoy the beautiful array of scenery and outdoor activities. The other day, a couple friends and I decided to go kayaking in the Union Bay, which is just by the UW stadium. We packed some snacks and drinks to take with us on the water, and planned…

What is Endo?

Today’s post is going to be about all the basics. Endometriosis is actually very common (1 in 10 women), but is often a very sneaky & overlooked condition. Not only do many people not know about it, but it is sometimes asymptomatic, so women might not even know they have it.

Compassion Fatigue

Originally, I was going to write this post about self-care. However, I feel like there is a lot of discussion out there already about tips and tricks for self-care and why it is important, but not as much about what are the consequences of not making it a part of your professional life.